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About the Duppies
Blaine Garvin
Blaine Garvin is The guitar player, back up vocalist, and band mechanic. He has only ever played in ska/rocksteady groups since he was 16 years old. He plays trumpet primarily and learned to play guitar to be in The Duppies. At 5 years strong in the band, he is the second most senior member to the front man, Brian.
Daniel "DK" Kinney
Daniel is one of the newer members of The Duppies. He has been on the drums since the third grade.floating around the north central Florida area finding himself playing drums for many different styles of music... Doesn't matter if it's metal,classic rock,funk,jazz, or the sweet rocksteady ska.
Brian Hiebel
The Duppies front man and senior member Brian Hiebel holds his passion for music and traditionalism in high regard. "Music is what makes me who I am" ska rocksteady reggae makes him who he wants to be. Brian’s favorite things in life are good coffee, stout beer and the sweet sounds of the rocksteady.
José Piñero
The first time Jose played music was percussion in a Salsa band at the age of nine. Ever since that moment he couldn't turn a blind ear to tropical music. Not long after she discovered her true talent for the saxophone. From Carnegie Hall to the streets of New Orleans, Jose has played every important musical epicenter of the American east coast.
Patrick Oberlin
Patrick, from gainesville Florida, spends his time playing golf in the Himalayas and hunting the most dangerous game through the islands of Cambodia. In the evenings between 3 and 5 The laws of physics do not pertain to him. He has played brass all over North America for 10 years, and has future aspirations of playing trumpet in the vacuum of space.
Ryan Bonner
Ryan first fell in love with ska at 9 years old when he heard his first rancid song. At 19 he decided listening wasn't enough and picked up the guitar and started chucking away. Feeling alone with his passion for this music he left Ocala to find like minded musicians, quickly settling in on organ (his favorite instrument) in Gainesville with The Duppies.
Tony "Tones" Farah
Tones hails from a background of ska, punk, and surf rock. A self taught musician of 12 years who blends his influences and adds his own flair and taste to The Duppies on the bass. Often considered the band roadie, and occasionally applying his skills on a sound board.
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