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Friday 3/20/15
@ Looseys Downtown, Gainesville, F

Saturday 3/21/15
@ Local 662, St. Petersburg, FL

Sunday 3/22/15
@ Wills Pub, Orlando, FL


~APRIL (name your) TOUR

Saturday 4/4/15
@ Hanger 7, Lake City, FL

Wednesday 4/8/15
@ Jack Rabbits, Jacksonville, Fl

Thursday 4/9/15
@ Libery Bar, Tallahasse, FL

Friday 4/10/15
@ Handle Bar, Pensacola FL

Saturday 4/11/15
@ Dragons Den, New Orleans, LA

Sunday 4/12/15
@ TBA, Houston, TX

Tuesday 4/14/15
@ Sahara Lounge, Austin, TX

Wednesday 4/15/15
@ The Grotto, Ft Worth, TX

Thursday 4 /16/15
@ Jack's Patio Bar w/ The Slackers, San Antonio, TX

Friday 4/17/15
@ Copper Top Dine & Dive, Huntsville AL

Saturday 4/18/15
@ WonderRoot, Atlanta, GA

Wednesday 4/22/15
@ 1982 Bar, Gainesville, FL


  • Bad Guy
    1. Bad Guy
    2. What A Shame
    3. Answer Your Name
  • One Thousand Bullets
    1. 1,000 Bullets
    2. Two Things
    3. Eek-A-Lite
    4. Last Flight
    5. Sleep
    6. Don Drummond
    7. So You Say
    8. Shipwrecked
  • Throw One Punch
    1. Ghost of San Juan Hill
    2. Push to Shove
    3. Night Food Reggae
    4. Pray for Rain
    5. Train
    6. Pretty Girl
    7. You Don't Know Me
    8. Time Goes By
    9. Artibella
    10. Dreams
    11. Up & Out
    12. Now You're Mine

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(noun) taken from Jamaican folklore; an unruly spirit risen from a consecrated grave; a ghost; a poltergeist.

About the Duppies

Ruddies in search of traditionalism and the smooth rock steady sounds that aspire to be kin to all that is the founding sounds of Jamaican/Brixston Rock Steady Ska Reggae. The Duppies are a high powered seven piece rocksteady ska band of eight years from Gainesville FL. Their sets include an attention getting rhythm section prone to causing fits of dancing fury backed up by rip roaring horn solos from the sax and trumpet. Top it all off with smooth vocals and stream lined percussion.

With a minimum of 500 shows under the belt The Duppies have played with such acts as The Slackers, The Toasters, Less than Jake, King Django, New York City Ska Jazz Ensemble, Pato Banton, Westbound Train, members of the Skatalites, Whole Wheat Bread, Void Union,Slightly Stoopid, etc. Tours have included playing venues such as Middle East in Boston, Trash Bar in Brooklyn, Churchills in Miami, Dragons Den in New Orleans, The Social in Orlando, The Mohawk Place in Buffalo and many more plus the Fest 3,fest 13, Sun Fest And Suwanee Music Fest.

The Duppies are a unique Florida gem keeping the rocksteady alive in the Southeast with a loyal following and a level of professionalism that keeps people wanting more.