I am laughing a bit because I am traveling with a coworker of mine

than I’ve known for ten years now (longer than my current DH!) and he was of the mindset to go in a day and come back but I was like, what?! At least give me ONE night of peace and quiet from the family! lol. Turns out it will be three days (bliss!). I feel a little guilty but not really. 🙂
My DH is very good at childcare so I know he will be OK and if the kids’schedule gets messed up, well so be it for a few days. They will be fine.I think I posted a few days ago my strategy for getting a pay raise — my point of contact (and future manager) asked me my current salary and what were my expectations. I gave my last recollection of my corporation’s statement of my “personal benefits” — meaning what I am paid in addition to the healthcare, retirement, pension, etc. that they pay; which equalled about $15K more than my current take home. So that was the number I gave “my current compensation is xyz” and no one blinked.As an aside the coworker I am traveling with gave them his “take home” pay to which the new company countered that he would be getting the same, take it or leave it. So he has equalized while I have gained. 🙂
Sorry all, we got a bit off track from budgeting here. Let me just say now that I am teleworking I will be saving in gas, time, dry cleaning costs,lunch, etc. and so forth; and the additonal compensation will allow me to start funding a home improvement account as well as savings accounts for the kids (DD is almost 3 and DS turned 1 last week).We are debt free except the house which is undewater but eventually I plan to try to refinance — just need to get my mental house in order!