Hey folks, it’s been a long

LONG time since we heard updates from everyone and how we’re all doing on our various DR stages. (If we did do an update recently, I must have missed it). And let it never be said I’d suggest something without being willing to do it myself. Ahem:
We’re still on step 2 of the baby steps, paying down debt. I’ve cut my debt from roughly $35K when we started 4 years ago to just about $10K today, on a single remaining credit card. While that might seem to be taking forever, which sometimes bums me out, I’m more excited about two other ongoing projects. First, we’ve dramatically cut our living expenses over the last 4 years, such that we’re very comfortably getting by on roughly half of what we were spending before we took the FPU class. Second, we read through a series of business management books which target how to make small businesses go from barely scraping by to thriving (titles: The Pumpkin Plan, Profit First and Surge all by the same author, Mike Michalowicz. He brings to business management (particularly financial management) what DR brought to personal finance. He does quote DR in a few places which gave me warm fuzzies, and like DR he has practical and proven suggestions, along with worksheets and homework, so that we can take a reading on how well we’re doing and how to get where we’re going with the business. That has made a huge, HUGE difference for us.
The other major update is that we’re now within the 2 year countdown to pay off the house. One of the smartest things we ever did, well before DR, was to refinance a risky 30 year adjustable rate loan into a low fixed 15 year loan, and that loan has almost reached maturity. So May, 2018 is our last payment if we don’t make any advances before then. Which, after we pay off my credit card, will be the last debt on the list. Wow. I still can’t even quite imagine being debt free, but now I can see it approaching.
On an unrelated side note, this coming Saturday morning I’ll be taking the Technician and General level exams for my amateur radio (ham radio) license. I’ve been studying a lot for those tests, and I feel pretty good about them. So if there are any hams on the list, you’re about to be joined by one more. Woohoo!