Woohoo on all the success over the last 4 years

My dh is a ham operator. AD5YP is his call sign. He isn’t on as much as he used to be but he does a local net and hurricane net when he can.

Not much to update here. Our only debt is our home. We have a fixed 15 at a rate of 2.75%. We have paid extra on it ever since we took it out about 5 years ago. The original mortgage value represents about 1/2 of the home’s value when we bought it. We have paid down about 1/2 of the mortgage balance.

We are filling envelopes every month for our spending. We do a monthly budget to arrive at the amount for the envelopes. Since we have only one debt the budgeting consists of minor tweaks each month … no crying, no hair pulling, no arguments. Cool as cucumber. Life is good when debt is $0.00 (or almost $0.00). vbg

The next thing to really alter our finances is January 2017 when obamacare causes our health insurance to go up about $300/month for dh and me. Dd’s will go up about $30. I thought Obama care was supposed to cut our health expenses about $2500? Since we have no consumer debt to eliminate to make room for this increase, I am not sure where it’ll come from. Our health insurance is already running MORE than our actual house payment (not including the extra we send in). After those 2 expenses, the rest of the expenses are pretty average. When you look at DR’s recommended percentages, our health insurance runs roughly DOUBLE what it’s supposed to be based on the recommended percentages. I think in light of obamacare and self employment (or contract workers) he needs to revisit this.