Well, our 11 yr old son (adopted from Detroit) went crazy and he became assaultive

combative, destructive, molested 3 of our smaller children, etc. We had him sent to a mental hospital for 7 weeks then 4 months at a residential program….home just over a month and then he assaulted us again and we found out about the molestation’s. Cue lots of court costs even though WE are the victims of our sons abuse and being accused of just trying to get rid of him….um. yeah. okay there.

Plus, another China kiddo had surgery. (4 total in 4 yrs home). Cue medical bills.

So, yeah, we have to pay a family member to care for our delinquent child. Its hitting us hard.

Ah, the classic, “more expenses than income”

Just from the monthly numbers(not counting arrearages), I get $2900 coming in, and $2941 going out. I was in the same situation a month ago, except I was more than $500 (Cash Advance Loans Online) short every month. My first suggestion would be to call all the credit card companies(9 if I counted right), and see if they have a ‘hardship program’. You may be able to get the interest rate, or payments(or both) dropped for a period of time. That’s the big thing that temporarily saved me.
2 – You have two vehicle payments. Do you only have the two vehicles? The reason I ask is that if you had 3 or 4, maybe you could sell one of the ones you’re still paying on, and eliminate(or remove) at least that monthly payment.
3 – Ask your dentist if you can get a 6-month moratorium on payments.
Depending on how long you’ve been using him, he may cut you some slack on paying.
4 – I’m curious – how big is your house or apartment? $120 for electricity seems high to me.
5 – do you have any extra stuff around the house to sell? You can use ebay, craigslist, local cheapcycle groups. You can sell books through amazon and half.
6 – can any of you work another job? Since you have 4 drivers, I’m assuming that at least two of the kids are old enough to also get jobs and contribute towards the household. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone suggest that the kids help, but they *are* part of the family…

We just signed the paperwork

and cut a check to start an Endowed Scholarship at the college of business at The University of Houston. The winner will be an Honor Student in the Business College. The endowment will be $25,000, but thanks to wife’s job, they will match funds so we only have to contribute $12,500. We hope to grow the scholarship to $100K one day.