I know you probably have so much more going on in your life

but I love how you continue to cheerlead folks’ on the board. I enjoy your emails because they are so lively and inspiring. Thank you. We got about 1″ snow here in WDC and yes, the Govt went on Liberal Leave and
yes, everyone freaked out and yes, traffic was terrible with accidents all over the place. 🙂 It’s all basically melted at this point. Kids didn’t even get a chance to play! lol.
Lea, I commiserate with the itch to do something to make a change! I am going on a business trip next weekend for four days and today I suddenly freaked out because it’s been probably close to three years since I’ve traveled. So I raided our savings and bought a new laptop bag, two work dresses and a pair of shoes. I lost 50 lbs this past year so I don’t have a lot of clothes that fit but where I used to work it didnt’ really matter. However, this is a meet and greet, orientation with my new company based in Huntsville, AL. I’ve worked with folks in HSV before and I sort of get their culture so I want to make a good first impression.The kicker? I will be telecommuting once the orientation ends… so who knows when I will wear these dresses again. But I feel better knowing I had the money in savings and if I need to get dressed up for date night / church / community events I have something that actually fits!

You don’t need all that stuff

Build a fire in the fireplace, make some hot cocoa, grab a good book and snuggle up with your dh. That’s what ice days are all about! It’s not about the money and it’s not about the stuff. It’s about the people you get to spend these days with.
btw, we have close to two feet of new snow this week! Yahoo! It’s glorious out. We’ve had sub zero temps this week and I have sick children but all’s good. The turkeys are roosting in our back yard (they crack us up), ducks are racing chunks of ice (or so it seems) on our river, and we have cardinals and blue jays and assortment of little birds feeding like mad at our feeders. Tonight, we’ll watch the deer come in and eat at our deer feeder. I love this season, but, I do love them all. I don’t even mind that I shoveled snow twice today. I’m imagining bulging biceps and a ripped torso are in my future! lol