I think though my biggest problem

is when I get like this I immediately shut down…. and sit… instead of baking some bread or finishing one of the umteen thousand craft projects, or sorting coupons, or writing letters…. I just sort of become paralyzed… and I get angry with myself cause goodness… its not the end of the world… certainly not… but the perfectionist in me looks at it as a failure…
Maybe I need therapy… except that would cost money LOL

I believe I told you that you were brilliant in your negotiations

Brilliant. As for the teleworking, it’s what I do. I work around my family’s schedule and it suits us beautifully. I have a 401k, I provide the family’s health insurance, and I love what I do. When we have a bluebird day (meaning sunshine and a blue sky), I can sneak over to the ski resort and get a little “me” time in before I have to get my children from school and get dinner going, etc. My job is such that I can continue working once my children are in bed. It’s the best of all worlds.
I know what I was speaking of when I told you to enjoy those evenings of peace and quiet. My husband often travels with one of his jobs. He then works nights often at this time of the year when he’s home. We never have evening dates any more; it just doesn’t work with our schedules. He was feeling guilty that he gets a night to escape while he’s on the road but I’m still here doing the mom thing. He booked some spa treatments for me one afternoon and sent me to the same resort for an evening of room service and peace and quiet. It was glorious. I’m guessing it will be a treat for you as well. Your children will have a good time with their daddy, your husband will have fun with the kids, and you’ll get a mini vacation with meals cooked and cleaned up by someone else. Not bad!