Soon enough, but we need another 12 degrees or so

You can still make snow at 28 degrees, but that’s tops. I’ve been great at shoveling snow all day but now we have a gigantic pile in front of our front door from what’s fallen off from the metal roof. It falls in sheets and sounds like an avalanche as it happens. I think I’m done being macho for the day. I’m going to let my poor dh shovel the big clumps of ice when he comes home from work.We have a long dirt driveway at the end of a long dirt road. The water can get so high and muddy, we actually have to put boards down to walk up to the house just so we don’t get soaked and filthy. Mud is not my friend. Fortunately, we’re still snow and ice. I’m ok with that, come April, I’ll not be in such a great mood because everything will be a big, old mess, and I’ll be the Swiffer Queen trying to stay on top of it.

I’m finding that even my previous salary

is pricing me out of 95% of the few jobs I’ve gotten calls on. The HR people have even mentioned
that on occasion. It’s kinda difficult when the job in question only pays 60-65% of what I was making before. If I added on the total
compensation, I probably wouldn’t have gotten ANY interviews.

I work for a multinational company of over 90K employees

; in my particular office 85% have been with the company 5-10 years so we have longevity. I say this as background. We lost our contract to a small business, veteran, woman, minority, diabled,you name, they have the tag line for it company.Given that 85% of my office hasn’t had to look for work or interview in 5-10 years they are not savvy as to how to negotiate and mainly just want to know they will continue to get a paycheck — don’t really care who it’s from.
Case in point, the company who won our contract demanded two paystubs when we interviewed. I don’t know about you but I have NEVER been asked to provide a paystub… again, 99% of my office printed out their paystubs with all their deductions, personnel numbers, bank routing number, etc… when truth be told, all they needed to provide was their net income (with all other information blanked out — that’s what I did).As for me, I kept on top of my “total” compensation over the years so I knew my “worth” in terms of what I was being paid and what the company was contributing to my paycheck… trust me, I was self talking for six weeks to ensure I was able to say what my income was with a straight face.As for my coworker, he is black and white and no shades of grey so they offered him the same salary that I am going to make (he is taking a pay cut while I get an increase); but in the bigger scheme of things we have jobs and that’s what matters. Hope this all makes sense. 😮