One of the things we’re working on here, is something we’ve named the Dashboard Report

It’s a summary of all the different categories we need to think about and keep track of, with a summary of current status, in a table format. But the best part, is that each line item on each table, has an “indicator color” as the first column in the table – either Green, Yellow or Red. So we can scan down the report, know that “green” means everything is clicking along well in that particular category, or yellow for something isn’t what it should be, or red for “this is a distinct problem we need to deal with ASAP.” We’ve just started using it, after a very long and tiresome series of arguments where I’d complain that this-or-that is in bad shape, DH would complain he never knows what’s going on, and we’d both lose track of priorities. There’s still a certain amount of room for disagreement over whether something should be yellow vs red or green vs yellow. But neither of us can claim to be surprised by some unknown issue that fell through the cracks anymore. As a plus, we get to see changes over the months, as things move from red to yellow, or yellow to green. And we get to see instant gratification for all the green line items. It has been an experimental way to communicate a heckuva lot of info, but so far it’s working pretty well. I’ll post it to Files if anyone else is interested.

I’m running into many that want a specific number

One lady said something like, “It doesn’t do any good to submit you for the job if
you’re looking to get $60K and the position only pays $30K.” I had another headhunter tell me that if my minimum acceptable salary was a
certain number, he didn’t want to waste my time or the potential company by trying to match me up to a job where the salary was $20K
less than that. I also saw an application last week for a company that even STATED, “Open, negotiable, or DOE is NOT an acceptable answer.”