It’s that time of year

The scammers know that most of the nation put Christmas on a credit card and the bills are now arriving. Meaning PANIC is setting in? for a large percentage of those folks. So they appeal to their need and greed and sucker them in. I know it is hard to believe that anyone would fall for these scams, but hundreds do daily. It is really scary. Jan who thinks they should teach a class on how to spot a scam email/letter/text in high school in OK

I once interviewed for a job

where the salary was quite a bit lower than what I had previously earned, and the interviewer asked me if I would be willing to accept the lower pay. I don’t think I did a good job answering that question, but by that point in the interview, I had already decided the job wasn’t a good fit for me.
I don’t like disclosing my salary history to anyone, but every interview I’ve been to has required me to complete an application in addition to my resume, and that’s always one of the questions.
At least I learned to have a better answer to the lower-salary question.