Oh yeah, same with Autocad

Oh yeah, same with Autocad ds tried to fake it at one interview saying he knew symbols real well and they pulled out a symbol chart and asked him to identify them. OOPS! LOL, it was actually the company he and dh now work for–that was his first interview with them. They figured he had learned them by the next time they called him–they were right! Jan who says sometimes you just have to punt and pray in OK.

You never had to take US government

Serious? World Government or Civics classes? Man here in OK they are MANDATORY you don’t pass them you don’t graduate. Even when ds was in college he had to take those classes for his Music Education and/or Composition degree.Our Civics class in high school was so ill behaved we went through three teachers in the first 9 weeks of school the fourth teacher they brought in was a cop (later to become the city/county DA) and the very first day he started out by introducing himself and saying he understood our class had a discipline problem. He then pulled out his service revolver and laid it on his desk and quietly said—“It ends now.” Not only did the class straighten up one of the kids went on to be a DA himself. –one of the biggest troublemakers in the class. LOL!

I know the family

that used to live 2 doors down hasn’t learned….ran up cc, took note out against house, ran them up again and did the same thing. They have since abandoned this house, 3 yrs ago, they still pay the mortgages but haven’t done anything with it. They didn’t rent it, try to sell it, just a waste sitting there–no electric/water, so you know it is nasty in there. The house they are renting right now is what she feels they should have been living in when they lived here—2500sf, pool, 5 bedroom, 4 bath, gourmet kitchen. She is still playing the “keeping up with the Jones family” game and you know I never did like those Jones people.