Soon enough, but we need another 12 degrees or so

You can still make snow at 28 degrees, but that’s tops. I’ve been great at shoveling snow all day but now we have a gigantic pile in front of our front door from what’s fallen off from the metal roof. It falls in sheets and sounds like an avalanche as it happens. I think I’m done being macho for the day. I’m going to let my poor dh shovel the big clumps of ice when he comes home from work.We have a long dirt driveway at the end of a long dirt road. The water can get so high and muddy, we actually have to put boards down to walk up to the house just so we don’t get soaked and filthy. Mud is not my friend. Fortunately, we’re still snow and ice. I’m ok with that, come April, I’ll not be in such a great mood because everything will be a big, old mess, and I’ll be the Swiffer Queen trying to stay on top of it.

I’m finding that even my previous salary

is pricing me out of 95% of the few jobs I’ve gotten calls on. The HR people have even mentioned
that on occasion. It’s kinda difficult when the job in question only pays 60-65% of what I was making before. If I added on the total
compensation, I probably wouldn’t have gotten ANY interviews.

I work for a multinational company of over 90K employees

; in my particular office 85% have been with the company 5-10 years so we have longevity. I say this as background. We lost our contract to a small business, veteran, woman, minority, diabled,you name, they have the tag line for it company.Given that 85% of my office hasn’t had to look for work or interview in 5-10 years they are not savvy as to how to negotiate and mainly just want to know they will continue to get a paycheck — don’t really care who it’s from.
Case in point, the company who won our contract demanded two paystubs when we interviewed. I don’t know about you but I have NEVER been asked to provide a paystub… again, 99% of my office printed out their paystubs with all their deductions, personnel numbers, bank routing number, etc… when truth be told, all they needed to provide was their net income (with all other information blanked out — that’s what I did).As for me, I kept on top of my “total” compensation over the years so I knew my “worth” in terms of what I was being paid and what the company was contributing to my paycheck… trust me, I was self talking for six weeks to ensure I was able to say what my income was with a straight face.As for my coworker, he is black and white and no shades of grey so they offered him the same salary that I am going to make (he is taking a pay cut while I get an increase); but in the bigger scheme of things we have jobs and that’s what matters. Hope this all makes sense. 😮

I think though my biggest problem

is when I get like this I immediately shut down…. and sit… instead of baking some bread or finishing one of the umteen thousand craft projects, or sorting coupons, or writing letters…. I just sort of become paralyzed… and I get angry with myself cause goodness… its not the end of the world… certainly not… but the perfectionist in me looks at it as a failure…
Maybe I need therapy… except that would cost money LOL

I believe I told you that you were brilliant in your negotiations

Brilliant. As for the teleworking, it’s what I do. I work around my family’s schedule and it suits us beautifully. I have a 401k, I provide the family’s health insurance, and I love what I do. When we have a bluebird day (meaning sunshine and a blue sky), I can sneak over to the ski resort and get a little “me” time in before I have to get my children from school and get dinner going, etc. My job is such that I can continue working once my children are in bed. It’s the best of all worlds.
I know what I was speaking of when I told you to enjoy those evenings of peace and quiet. My husband often travels with one of his jobs. He then works nights often at this time of the year when he’s home. We never have evening dates any more; it just doesn’t work with our schedules. He was feeling guilty that he gets a night to escape while he’s on the road but I’m still here doing the mom thing. He booked some spa treatments for me one afternoon and sent me to the same resort for an evening of room service and peace and quiet. It was glorious. I’m guessing it will be a treat for you as well. Your children will have a good time with their daddy, your husband will have fun with the kids, and you’ll get a mini vacation with meals cooked and cleaned up by someone else. Not bad!

I am laughing a bit because I am traveling with a coworker of mine

than I’ve known for ten years now (longer than my current DH!) and he was of the mindset to go in a day and come back but I was like, what?! At least give me ONE night of peace and quiet from the family! lol. Turns out it will be three days (bliss!). I feel a little guilty but not really. 🙂
My DH is very good at childcare so I know he will be OK and if the kids’schedule gets messed up, well so be it for a few days. They will be fine.I think I posted a few days ago my strategy for getting a pay raise — my point of contact (and future manager) asked me my current salary and what were my expectations. I gave my last recollection of my corporation’s statement of my “personal benefits” — meaning what I am paid in addition to the healthcare, retirement, pension, etc. that they pay; which equalled about $15K more than my current take home. So that was the number I gave “my current compensation is xyz” and no one blinked.As an aside the coworker I am traveling with gave them his “take home” pay to which the new company countered that he would be getting the same, take it or leave it. So he has equalized while I have gained. 🙂
Sorry all, we got a bit off track from budgeting here. Let me just say now that I am teleworking I will be saving in gas, time, dry cleaning costs,lunch, etc. and so forth; and the additonal compensation will allow me to start funding a home improvement account as well as savings accounts for the kids (DD is almost 3 and DS turned 1 last week).We are debt free except the house which is undewater but eventually I plan to try to refinance — just need to get my mental house in order!

Ha! It was zero degrees on Tuesday

with a wind chill temperature of -17. Temps haven’t varied much from those over the past few days.It was warmer here than it was in the Arctic Circle region we took our children to for our visit to meet Santa in Finland last Spring break. We have all the right clothes. That’s the key to everything. If you’re warm, and if you don’t have to drive on the ice or white out conditions, all’s good ( I’m listening to sheets of ice cascade off from the metal roof of our little cabin as I type this. My phone is stating it’s a balmy 28 degrees out at this moment. lol).

You are so kind. Thank you

I truly appreciate your kind words.I think you deserve a couple of new outfits so you can be on your A game for your orientation. It’s important you feel your best, and the fact that you’ve lost 50 lbs is wonderful. You must feel terrific, and no wonder you scored so well in your salary negotiations. You must be on top of the world right now. Best of luck, but I doubt you need any. It sounds like you’ve got everything going in the right direction for you. Now, we just need to hope something comes along soon for your husband. You’ll have to tell us how the trip goes next week. Hopefully you can get some work done during the day, and enjoy a little peace and quiet from your family life in your hotel room at night.

I know you probably have so much more going on in your life

but I love how you continue to cheerlead folks’ on the board. I enjoy your emails because they are so lively and inspiring. Thank you. We got about 1″ snow here in WDC and yes, the Govt went on Liberal Leave and
yes, everyone freaked out and yes, traffic was terrible with accidents all over the place. 🙂 It’s all basically melted at this point. Kids didn’t even get a chance to play! lol.
Lea, I commiserate with the itch to do something to make a change! I am going on a business trip next weekend for four days and today I suddenly freaked out because it’s been probably close to three years since I’ve traveled. So I raided our savings and bought a new laptop bag, two work dresses and a pair of shoes. I lost 50 lbs this past year so I don’t have a lot of clothes that fit but where I used to work it didnt’ really matter. However, this is a meet and greet, orientation with my new company based in Huntsville, AL. I’ve worked with folks in HSV before and I sort of get their culture so I want to make a good first impression.The kicker? I will be telecommuting once the orientation ends… so who knows when I will wear these dresses again. But I feel better knowing I had the money in savings and if I need to get dressed up for date night / church / community events I have something that actually fits!

You don’t need all that stuff

Build a fire in the fireplace, make some hot cocoa, grab a good book and snuggle up with your dh. That’s what ice days are all about! It’s not about the money and it’s not about the stuff. It’s about the people you get to spend these days with.
btw, we have close to two feet of new snow this week! Yahoo! It’s glorious out. We’ve had sub zero temps this week and I have sick children but all’s good. The turkeys are roosting in our back yard (they crack us up), ducks are racing chunks of ice (or so it seems) on our river, and we have cardinals and blue jays and assortment of little birds feeding like mad at our feeders. Tonight, we’ll watch the deer come in and eat at our deer feeder. I love this season, but, I do love them all. I don’t even mind that I shoveled snow twice today. I’m imagining bulging biceps and a ripped torso are in my future! lol